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    An innovative connected business solutions that provides various technology centric applications. We provide innovative IoT network solutions allowing customers to Track, Monitor, Report & Control any mobile and fixed things through TrueSEEN network. PureSEEN products range provide a unique breakthrough formula in the air and surface purification world and a valuable solution enhancing quality among vast disinfection processes and procedures.

TrueSEEN profissional services:

    offers an easy way for Real-Time-Localization of objects or persons inside a dedicated area. With the RTLS technology, TrueSEEN combines the energy efficiency of wireless sensor networks with the dynamic object tracking of common RTLS systems.
    Application scenarios range from object localization of small objects in private areas (keys, smartphones or pets) to Localization of big objects in industrial environments. Seamless indoor-/ outdoor scenarios can be realized.
    Based on user preferences or environmental conditions TrueSEEN offers customer specific solutions of their RTLS technology combining sensor-actuator networks with location tracking. Parameters like a battery lifetime, position accuracy, update frequencies, secured sensor data & actuator communication as well as interfaces, handling and visualization are used to provide an optimal solution for each customer.
Air and Surface purification :

    PureSEEN Solutions impact positively and economically on current and future worldwide concerns: Health, Energy and Environment. PureSEEN team provides you a state-of-art solution to destroy organic pollutions at your business after studing and qualifying the case by defining the right PureSEEN products and protocols. PureSEEN is a green technology reproducing natural processes through advanced Photocatalytic solutions. MayzBXL invested in maximum performance disinfection systems that result in successful outcomes. Products perform better when integrated with best practice procedures in a comprehensive system approach. We continue to analyze the best use of products and procedures and how their integration provides your best disinfection solution.

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Service Range

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Professional IoT systems design services


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Technical audit


PureSEEN, a Smart purification System
PureSEEN Connected device works to Elimination of ethylene, bacteria, molds, mycotoxins and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) while it show quality of air on your dashboard!

Market Segments

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+ 24/7 Infection control (Air &Surface)

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+ Infection control (Air & Surfaces)
+ Temperature & Humidity Control

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+ Prolonged storage life
+ Energy efficient transportation

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+ Improved growth rates
+ Natural pest control
+ Advanced water collection and treatment

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+ 24/7 Air & surface disinfection and odor control


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+ 27/7 Air & Surface disinfection
+ Prolong life of used notes

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MayzBXL BVBA is an Innovative platform and international solutions provider pursuit for operational excellence, efficiency and profitability. MayzBXL distinctive solutions are based on creativity, customer centric & intelligent integrations to offer the right technologies and the best business processes reshape that meet our client requirements and needs.

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